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The proliferation of advanced technologies has been revolutioning the ways in which the modern world operate. Communications from one side of the world to another, takes only a few seconds, and everybody recognizes that the adoption of newest information technologies is the only way to survive the aggressiveness of the fast pace imposed by latest technological innovations. From smart phones to ingenious systems, the unstoppable introduction of electronic devices is a new reality that comes to our lives to stay. As the “electronic era” brings several and countless benefits, it also conveys huge conflicting problems not observed in former epochs as well. The amount of electronic data at the present time is impossible to estimate with exactitude, while exponential and continuous growth occurs.

With the growing popularity of different types of electronic devices, the necessity to have certain control of the electronic data is not only a legal, but also an ethical obligation. The question is: How do you know you are protecting your electronic data? As time progresses, judicial systems all around the world are accepting electronic evidences instead of traditional ways as for example, papers. The question to ask yourself is: What I can do to discover whatever happened in my system with exactitude, to prove that somebody has been acting inappropriately or how and who put my company’s information at risk?

This is the role of Digital Forensics, and at Hacking21 we are experts on this complex topic. Digital Forensics deals with the assessment of electronic assets, (including but not limited to any type of storage devices), to seize, investigate, and determine what has been happening in your information technology systems; mainly when you have some suspicions about the occurrence of any type of abuse, crime, (fraud), or just a simple intrusion in your systems. Due to the innumerable different types of branch technologies, the characteristics of each one, and the complexities related to the protection of electronic data, the field of Digital Forensics has been gaining importance and its role in the modern enterprise is simply unavoidable. At Hacking21 we will provide you with the evidences you need to prove any type of “wrong doings” or attacks towards your company/corporation, and possibly prove the act of corporate espionage within your company. Interpreting electronic data in raw format requires an extensive theoretical preparation and proved skills, especially in the fields of electronic, physics, mathematics, and information technology, and at Hacking21, we are experts on all of these fields as well.

For more than 29 years with extraordinary positive results for the company’s clients, we have specialized in recovering of every single piece of evidence related to their information systems, or electronic devices, without altering or modifying the original data: this is extremely easy to say, but tremendously hard to achieve. This is something that a beginner or intermediate, nor some professionals we will dare say; simply cannot do for you and this is fact. This is not a matter of “good intentions”, it is the art of combined experience, creativeness, knowledge, and technology, and Hacking21 has been doing so with the higher ethical standards in the industry at unbeatable prices. The most common problems we detected from the time we have been performing Digital Forensics are related to money laundering, falsification of documents and identity theft, fraud in internet auctions, fraud to the IRS and “double accounting,” commercial conspiracy, intentional destruction of valuable company’s data, “e-pedophilia”, and inappropriate use of customers’ data.

We know what we do, and this is our guarantee: if we do not find every single piece of electronic evidence, you pay nothing to us.

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