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In today’s world, the majority of the enterprises have on place not only a disaster recovery plan; but also a duplicated infrastructure, however, in real life situations, the statistics show that recovering electronic data is a daunting task that would cost millions of dollars to data’ owners. Due to the complexities related to data loss prevention, it is very hard to precisely enumerate all the reasons why data can be corrupted or deleted. It could be due to negligence, wrong decisions, lack of knowledge, accidents, electric failures, physical or mechanical damages, computer viruses, malware, etc. The problem is that when the data is deleted, for whatever reason, the possibilities of recovering such data becomes a very complex task, especially when time has progressed from the moment of the deletion.

In Hacking21, we have been specializing in electronic data recovery for more than 29 years, and this specialty is one of our most demanded services. Our inventory includes the most advanced tools for Data Recovery available in the market, and at Hacking21, we keep updating it as new technologies become available on the market. We perform all tasks related with Data Recovery in our sophisticated labs and keep our relationship strictly confidential. Under no condition what-so-ever, will we share with anyone any type of information related to the services we provide for you. A wise man once said “business is between those who do it”. To guarantee what we claim in terms of privacy, we will extend a confidentiality agreement in writing, before we begin the process.

Our portfolio for Data Recovery includes the following devices and technologies:

• Recovery of data after the logical destruction of the file system (FAT12, 16, 32, exFAT, NTFS & NTFS5)

• Recovery of corrupted data from any type of storage devices

• Recovery of data from any USB Flash Drive, PenDrive, SIM Cards, miniSD, and most of the CDs/DVDs

• Recovery of data after the storage devices or Hard Drive has been formatted

• Recovery of Data after a re-installation of the Operating System

• Recovery of Data from any type of Hard Drive, (IDE, ATA, SATA, SCSI, SSD)

• Recovery of Pictures, Videos and documents, are guaranteed

Our success has been possible thanks to more than 75 clients, which have allowed up to an accumulative data content of more than 11 TB successfully recovered.

What makes our services unique is not only our extensive experience of more than 29 years, but also the professional standards we follow when conducting business, our high skilled staff, and the guarantee that if your device is still operational, we will recover your valuable, priceless data no matter the effort or intuitive it takes. The only thing we cannot guarantee is a specific time frame, this is the reality. If any other vendor or competitors mentions that to you, they are most likely than-not scamming you, or taking advantage of your lack of knowledge regarding the subject of the matter in the topic and field.

Data Recovery is not about time is about experience, knowledge, resources, and tools. Sometimes, data could be recovered in terms of hours, while at other times, it could possibly take a certain amount of days, however, we will do our best to perform the diagnostic in the first 3 working days, and usually complete the recovery between 3 – 7 working days.

This is how the process works:

• You call by phone at our main office (786) 249 – 3488 in Miami, or (508) 986 – 9271 in Fall River, Massachusetts

• Complete the online formulary, and deliver the storage device to our main office, (we can also pick up the storage device at your location, for an extra fee if you are within the
boundaries of the two cities in which we operate)

• We always give you an estimated up-front, based on the size and type of your storage device, but we cannot GUARANTEE any price before we begin the process. Final price will be directly
proportional to the amount and type of recovered data, but never in the time we dedicate and invest in the process. We say invest, because anything that comes to our office is important
enough that requires our service; it is an investment for you to recover the data, and advance in your endeavors.

• When you agree with our quote, we sign an official Service Level Agreement (SLA), and only after this point, we will begin the process.

• You will be notified via email, and telephone as soon as we complete de recuperation of your data

Thanks to our recuperation rates, speed in the process, security, confidentiality, and quality of services, we have been able to grow substantially since 2006.

Call others before you call us (contrary to the pledge of the great majority of the companies), and compare what they claim to do versus what we offer. The final decision is yours, but keep in mind that putting your data in inexpert hands, could have slim to limited possibilities of a successful data recovery.

PS: Because we are serious about what we do, we do not use “small letters” otherwise known as fine-print in our advertisements or contracts, we have nothing to hide and zero “catch”; what we say is what we offer. This is why, we would like to let you know in advance, that the exception to all of the aforementioned comments, is if we received an official request from any governmental agency, in which case the request will be verified to ensure it is genuine and legal, before any type of information is provide to the requester. If we found that the request has been issued by the judicial system, policy agency, FBI, or any other governmental organization with the legal authority to do so, we will notify it to you, but we will release the information to them. At Hacking21, we are always sincere and clear, and hope you appreciate that in a world that contains less and less honesty in exchange for monetary services. While the competition’s quality of services and standards drop, ours rise.

For any questions, please call us at: (786) 2493488, or (508) 9869271

We appreciate your consideration and will look forward to recovering your important/vital electronic data for you.

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