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Dr. Luis O. Noguerol, founder and President of Advanced Division of Informatics & Technology, USA, and Hacking21.com has over 29 years of experience in the field of informatics, electronics, telecommunications, and electronic data security. Has a Master Degree in Mathematics Applied to Informatics and Business Administration, and a second Master Degree in Management and Business Administration, pose 22 of the most relevant information technology’s certifications recognized by the industry, as for example, Microsoft Certified System Administrator and Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2003, MCIPT 2008 Enterprise Administrator, MCITP Dynamics 4.0, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator several MCTS certifications with emphasis in Exchange Server 2007 Administration, Certified Ethical Hacker, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator, Cisco (CCNA & CCNP), ITIL,v.3, Certified Internet Web Security, Enterprise Administrator (CIW), Security+, Network+, and A+ among many others. Has a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Radars Engineering, a second Bachelor Degree in Networking and Telecommunications, in addition to an Associate Degree in Operation and Programming of Management Consoles.

As president and CEO for ADITusa, Inc. and Hacking21.com, Dr. Luis O. Noguerol has a wide group of responsibilities, including developing new business opportunities in the field of electronic data security, examining the profiles of prospective and existing customers and making strategic and tactical recommendations, represents the company on international events, dictates technical conferences and courses in the electronic data security arena, transfer of knowledge, and handle the direct relations with the company’s customers. Implementing company’s policies; manages complete business operations from financial planning to assignation of duties to technical staff, provide training to the technical team, the implementation of best practices in the customer’s flank to minimize their exposure to the growing security risks associated with the electronic data transmission over analog and digital communication media, as well as the popularity of mobile devices, amongst other business tasks related.

Dr. Luis O. Noguerol has been the orchestrator of the major operational achievements for the organization during the last five years; for example, he developed and applied new strategies for reducing in more than ¾ the needed time for conducting complex and custom-made Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing procedures, by applying revolutionary methods of reverse and social engineering that enhance the excellence of the final reports. Noteworthy innovative agreements have been developed with small-businesses that agree to establish different types of contract for next five years.

Under the direct supervision of Dr. Luis O. Noguerol, the company has been able to obtain several significant financial achievements in the last five years as, for example: Significant reduction of operational costs by utilizing latest open source technologies that allows the company to transfer those reductions to the customers. Financial repayments from borrowers oscillated from 18 moths to only 45 days.

Dr. Luis O. Noguerol, is an active member of several civic organizations that advocate for a right to be freely educated, and dictated several free-cost conferences to motivate high school and college students in the field of electronic data security, and provide free Ethical Hacking training for minorities.

Dr. Luis O. Noguerol has been able to build a solid business relationship with his company’s partners based on his personal core values and beliefs, the same he has brought to his organization. He is proud to announce that the company success and growth is based on his philosophy that customers are the sole reason of being in the market of information technology, especially in electronic data security arena, and he always perpetuates and teaches, that the core values of Advanced Division of Informatics & Technology, Inc. (ADITusa), and Hacking21.com are:

– Creativeness
– Cooperation: We support each other, as we support our clients.
– Dedication: to accomplish what we promised; as we do.
– Distinctive customer service: We are committed to sustaining client necessities and obligations.
– Integrity: We act with honesty, never compromising the accuracy of the results.
– Genuine Knowledge
– Motivation
– Orientation and Responsibility: We agree to take accountability for our services.
– Respect: We value our customers, partners, and team members equally with reciprocal high opinion.
– Success
– Self-Confidence


• Project management
• Strategic Business Planning
• Applied system development
• Mixed business administration
• Change administration
• Continued improvement
• Re-engineering: Redesign and administration for key projects
• An experienced facilitator

His professional experience includes services to the State, Government, Science, Higher Education, Tourism, Private Banking and the Aerospace Industry.

Hobbies: Judo,(holds a Black Belt), Aviation (has a private pilot license for Cessna 172b, and dual engine Turbo Piper).

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